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  • FAST at least 10 hours (water should be available at all times)

    • There will be some exceptions to this rule, so let's chat if you're not sure


  • Prepare owners for potential need for sedation and/or anesthesia for their pet

    • Note: all sedation and anesthesia will be administered and monitored by primary care DVM)


  • MANY clients seem averse to sedation.  It is important to explain that:

    • A calm and pain-free pet is a happy pet

    • Sedation and analgesia plans are tailored to the pet

    • The quality of the ultrasound study result (bang for your buck!) is directly related to the compliance of the pet

  • Prepare owners that sample collection (usually aspirates) may be indicated

    • Discuss risks & costs in advance & get authorization whenever possible, otherwise rescheduling may be needed


*ALL samples collected will be submitted for testing or saved by the primary care veterinarian

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